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Rave Reviews

 Quote from Art Alan Grafelman Park Attendee:

 "Just a note to say how much we enjoyed your Grafelman Park concert last night. Loved your music and the way you got the little kids in the audience involved. Bet you enjoyed it too, seeing those little ones boogying to Mony Mony and other oldies. Will see you again whenever we get the chance."

 Quote from Gilda and Les Birman Taste of Lincolnshire Attendees

 "Heard you guys for the first time tonight at Lincolnshire and it was the best time we've had in a long time. You are the best at bringing back old memories and I think I almost broke my lawn chair because I was rockin' and rollin' way too hard. I wish my hubby would dance because I sure did want to get up on that dance floor and boogie the night away to your wonderful music. Thanks for a very memorable evening and we will definitely come to see you at other venues. You made me feel like a kid again!"

 Quote from Al Brown, Geneva Golf Club

 "I don't know where to start ... The Class of '68 was the best band I have ever hired, and I've hired a few. They were fun, outgoing, very easy to get long with and nice guys. We received SO many compliments from our guests, but the best one was, "This was the perfect party. Just hire the same band, same caterer, use the same decorations. You're not going to do any better than this.""

 Quote from Alan Slatin, General Manager Exmoor Country Club

 "The Class of 68 Band has performed numerous times at Exmoor Country Club and the membership thoroughly enjoys the music and the showmanship this group provides. You get the sense of each band member's passion for the music of that period. The band is fun with a great sound and you are guaranteed to have a full dance floor with the Class of 68."

 Quote from Phil Cullen, Ballydoyle Pub

 "...You sounded great and put on a good show. We need to get you back in."

 Quote from 2007 SPRA Showcase Attendee

 "...Class of 68 blows the doors off of all the other cover bands. They have a better look and so much more genuine energy...on top of a better sound..etc.etc."

 Quote from Scott Middleton, Attendee "Reunion" CD Release Party Flatlanders

 "...It was my pleasure to come out and see you guys. I really like "Class of 68" a lot! You guys play the good tunes from the 60s not that same stuff other oldies bands play."

 Quote from Skip Riani, Webmaster festing.com

 "...This next choice I had never seen before and i was pleasantly surprised. Being a Classic Rocker myself I really enjoyed this band The Class of 68. www.theclassof68.com. This band might not be for everyone because they really stick to the 60's but if you like that genre of music they are very good. The band sounded good and tight. They played Monkees, Beatles, Paul Revere and the Raiders, and basically all the hits from the 60's. They even played a song that I don't think I have ever heard played at a festival, that is a personal oldies favorite "Wooly Bully" from Sam The Sham and the Pharoahs. It was great! They also interact with the crowd a lot giving away cd's, twinkies for answering a trivia question throughout the concert. Very enjoyable! They keep the audience involved and singing along with the music."

 Quote from Janet Fornelli, Turnberry Country Club

 "...'68 blew us away...the best band we have had in 29 years!"

 Quote from Ron Lorenzo, Executive Director LaGrange Park Community Park District:

 "..You had the entire park rockin' with the fabulous music from the 60's. I have never seen more people in the crowd singing along to their favorite songs. I heard a lot of great comments... read full text"

 Quote from Dwight Ekenberg, Lincolnshire Village Green Attendee and Riverside Foundation President:

 "Awesome concert in the park last Thursday night!"

 Quote from Frank Bobek:


 News Flash August 2006:

 "The Class of '68 has been selected to Showcase at the Suburban Park and Rec (SPRA) Showcase for the second time in three years."

 Quote from Lincolnshire Village Green Attendee:

 "My wife, Sue and I had a great time at your Lincolnshire gig. You guys sounded great, but even better, you all seemed to be having a great time, which was clearly contagious to the crowd (especially the kids dancing and the very old ladies with the hand motions)."

 Quote from Patte Johnson, Ballydoyle Pub Accountant:

 "I LOVED THIS BAND!! I bought the CD Friday night and told Phil that for my 50th birthday this year, I want you guys booked! YOU ARE AWESOME!!"

 Quote from Pioneer Press: Lincolnshire Review Article:

 "Lincolnshire Village Green General Manager, Ray Michaelson said the goal when putting on a concert series is choosing a mixture of family-freindly bands and providing ammenities for both adults and children...Village Green is also using what worked last year, namely The Class of '68 a local classic rock and oldies band....."The Class of '68 was our biggest draw last year," Michaelson said, adding that they brought in more than 175 people."

 Quote from Jane Meloy, Executive Director, Greater Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce, Lincolnshire, IL:

 "The Class of '68 was just Great!....they played at our annual Taste of Lincolnshire in 2003....and we brought them back for an encore in 2004!"

 Quote from Patricia Lock, Event Producer....Kenosha Days of Discovery.....Kenosha, WI:

 "The Class of '68 was Fabulous!....they played at our U. S. Cellular Days of Discovery (Tall Ships) Maritime Festival in 2004.... and a good time was had by all!"

 Quote from Beckie Korzyniewski, Recreation Supervisor... Gurnee Park District...Gurnee, IL:

 "The Class Of '68 is a pleasure to work with!.... professional....personable... an all-ages pleaser....the crowd danced!... the crowd sang!....everybody had a good time!...we loved the variety and the upbeat feeling they brought to our event!.... this band was a lot of fun!... and we wouldn't hesitate to invite them back for an encore!"

 Quote from D. J. Jaehnke, Crystal Lake Gala, Crystal Lake, IL:

 "The Class Of '68 is a wonderful band!...they are fun to work with and fun to listen to!"

 Quote from Don Ritter, Woodridge Park District, Woodridge, IL:

 "The Class Of '68 brought back such great memories of the good old days of rock 'n roll!.....it was evident that the crowd loved the band when we saw smiling faces, sing-a-longs, and dancing feet!....we were so pleased that we gave a 'thumbs up' recommendation to another venue this season!.....feedback was positive....and the mutual consensus was 'good time!....good folks to work with!"

 Quote from Larry Schmidt, an audience attendee:

 "Saw you last night in Palatine and I was amazed at how authentic your band sounds. Very entertaining!!! Johnny Star and the Meteors were my favorite local oldies group - now the Class of 68 is my co-favorite! Keep up the good work and thanks for the memories."